MTG Core 2019 Prerelease: Saturday, July 7th @ 11:00am

$26.55 $30.00

Experience the upcoming Magic the Gathering set a week before its official release.

Prerelease events provide players with the earliest possible opportunity to play with the newest cards in Magic. Prereleases are enjoyable casual events that encourage fun over competition.

Date: Saturday, July 7th

Registration Starts: 11:00am

Deck-building Starts: 11:15am

Tournament Starts: 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $26.55 plus HST


Prereleases are Sealed Deck format events, where players are given Prerelease Packs (Typically 6 booster packs of 15 cards) and 45 minutes to construct a 40-card minimum deck.

Players who are uncomfortable building a Sealed Deck may participate in Open Dueling instead of the main tournament. Players may purchase one Planeswalker deck of their choice to experience the new set a week before it hits shelves.

This event will be 3 rounds long (with time allocated for deck building in the beginning), swiss paired consisting of 50-minute rounds.


Players get to keep all of the cards opened in their Prerelease Pack or Intro Pack. In addition Prerelease Packs contain a premium foil stamped with the Prerelease date.

[Participation Pack] Each player will receive 1 free booster pack for completing in all 3 rounds.

[Pack Per Win] One booster pack will be awarded for each round won.


Prerelease events focus on fun and enjoying the upcoming Magic expansion, allowing players a chance to experience the newest cards in a fun and stress-free environment. That said, as Sealed Deck tournaments, they follow certain rules for deck construction and play.

  • Decks must be constructed with a minimum of 40 cards.
  • Decks may only be built using cards opened in the Prerelease Packs assigned at the beginning of the event, and no outside cards may be added.
  • Decks may be altered between games and rounds.