Category:Arabian, City Building, Expansion
Publisher:Queen Games
Designer:Dirk Henn
Artist:Jo Hartwig
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Alhambra: Power of the Sultan


This is the 5th expansion for the base-game Alhambra. It was presented at the Essen gamefair Spiel '08. As in all the other expansions, this one contains 4 new modules. They are as follows: -Die Karawanserei (the Caravan). Cards and markers. These special cards can be taken. Every turn you may increase the indicated amount of money on the card and use it to buy buildings. -Die Künste der Mauren (the art of the Moorish). Tiles. With these tiles you can get extra points for the amount of buildings you have of the same value. -Die macht des Sultans (the power of the sultan). Cards and a die. You can buy the card for 7 of the indicated color. Then you roll the die and mark the building on the card. When a new building of that color is added to the building site, you can take it, even if it is not your turn. -Die neuen Wertungskärtchen (the new valuecards). Tiles. At the beginning of the game you draw 3 tiles that show different ranking orders for the buildings for the three valuations. Expands: Alhambra