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Weekly Tuesday Booster Draft

  • For The Win Cafe 3216 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4N 2L2 Canada (map)

Join us on Tuesdays to draft the newest set in Magic The Gathering. We offer a casual and relaxed environment to explore the newest sets in Magic The Gathering. Enjoy $5 tall cans all Tuesday long.

What is booster draft?

Booster draft is a fun and competitive way to play Magic The Gathering without having to worry about investing in a fine tuned 60-card deck.

Players receive three 15-card booster packs; opening one pack at a time, you pick one card from a booster pack and then pass it to your neighbor. The natural process of design tends to create cards that work well for drafts without having to actually spend a great deal of time focusing on it.

The draft format puts all players on an even playing field in terms of card availability. It eliminates the advantage of seasoned collectors having more powerful cards and focuses greatly on the individual's ability to build a deck from scratch.

The players—usually eight sitting in a circle—each open a booster pack, pick one card, and pass the pack to the next player, who picks one card and continues to pass it along. Eventually, all of the cards are picked and the players repeat the process with a total of three booster packs. At the end of the draft process, players will have 42 cards (not counting basic lands) with which to build a 40-card deck.

Prize Payout

Pack-per-win. 3 Rounds Swiss. Additional promotional prizes will be awarded when available.

Later Event: September 24
Weekly Tuesday Booster Draft