Most Anticipated Games - September Edition October 07 2016

Each month at For The Win Board Game Cafe, we're going to be taking a look at a few future releases that we're really excited about. From new games, to expansions, to Kickstarters we'll be covering it all monthly.

Potion Explosion

Few games come looking as sophisticated and polished as Potion Explosion. But looks aren't everything. The general premise of the game is to take one Ingredient (marble) from the trays and the rest of the marbles will slide down to fill the gaps. If two marbles of the same colour touch as a result, they explode! This allows the player to collect both marbles along with the one they picked up. The Ingredients combined to build different potions that grant players the ability to cast Spells. Collecting different or the same sets of Spells reward players with Victory Points. Once all Victory Point tokens are depleted, the player with the most tokens is the winner of the game.

Potion Explosion will be on store shelves within the few weeks.


Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons 

We gave Cosmic Encounter the spotlight last week, and for fans new and old there's new content on the horizon! It's been two years since the last Cosmic Encounter expansion, and it almost seemed like that would be our last. But Fantasy Flight Games has decided to bless us with another set of 30 new Aliens.

Like all other expansions, Eons introduces a new optional gameplay variant.  During the Alliance phase, players will be able to secretly choose how many ships and to which side they are aligning, using a dial. This new Hidden Alliances variant allows players to cut deals, make alliances and break promises in all new ways. 

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons is promised to be available before the end of 2016.



The card-drafting market is a very crowded place to be for a board game. Each one tries to separate itself form the pack using unique themes or small gameplay adjustments. Oceanos is the latest in card-drafting offerings that hopes to woo fans of 7 Wonders and Sushi Go! 


Oceanos takes players under the sea to collect coral, fish and treasures. Each player has their own upgradeable Submarine that will enhance their ability to score points for different types of cards. During the drafting phase of the game, the Starting player distributes cards to the other players and the unselected cards return to the Start player as their hand to draft from. It's somewhat reminiscent to the Master Builder role in Castles of Mad King Ludwig. The drafted cards form a linear tableau for each player, that impact scoring based off of the position of the cards. 

Oceanos will be available by the end of September 2016.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Co-Op Deckbuilding Game

Harry Potter is one of the largest, best-selling franchises in the world. Few things have dominated the market like this juggernaut. So far all their efforts in the tabletop world have fallen short, but their latest project certainly looks to erase the memories of the past.

Many IPs have found success in using a Deck Builder (specifically of the co-operative type) to package their fantastical worlds. Just within the past few years we've seen it in Marvel's LegendaryDC Deck-Building Game, Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck-Building Game and Shadowrun: Crossfire, just to name a few. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle hopes to add to that list of success. 

It's a no-brainer for Harry Potter fans. We constantly get requests for Harry Potter-themed board games, and this looks to be the game to fill that void. Expect to see it on shelves by October 2016. 

Mint Works

Mint Works is our Kickstarter selection of the month. It's an interesting experiment that attempts to condense a Euro, worker placement experience into the size of a small tin of mints. Micro-games are high in demand, as gamers are always looking for something they can easily carry from place to place.

Worker placement games are not always used as an entry-level to the world of tabletop gaming, but Mint Works hopes to change that. It's described as a lighter, refreshing take on the genre that can provide a gateway into meatier Euro experiences. Their attempt at condensing a typically longer and more difficult experience into something shorter and more concise, feels reminiscent to what Ryan Laukat's Eight Minute Empire has done for area-control games. 

Click here to reach their Kickstarter page. The project closes on September 13, and the estimated delivery for backers is October 2016.