Most Anticipated Games - October Edition October 06 2016

Each month at For The Win Board Game Cafe, we're going to be taking a look at a few future releases that we're really excited about. From new games, to expansions, to Kickstarters we'll be covering it all monthly.


Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails

Ticket to Ride goes global with Rails & Sails, giving players the ability to not just create routes on land, but now also via water. This standalone addition to the Ticket to Ride franchise adds new gameplay mechanics and game pieces. Tour tickets give not just two cities, but a collection of cities to travel through.  Ship cards allow you to place your new plastic ships. Ticket to Ride: Europe added some clunkier and sometimes random elements to the game, but Rails & Sails' additions all seem logical and streamlined. 

And if you ever get bored of the world map, the reverse-side of the board features a Great Lakes map. Two for the price of one. 

Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails is already out in some regions, but should be on Canadian shelves before the end of 2016.

7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon

The first expansion to the successful 7 Wonders spinoff is finally on its way. Given their track record of expansions for 7 Wonders, we were bound to get some quality expansions for 7 Wonders Duel. Now players will have the opportunity to choose from which almighty gods they wish to seek favour. Each powerful deity offering their own beneficial power for players to use. And of course, to worship your god(s) there are now Temples which replace Guilds in Age III. Overall, it's not entirely unlike their first 7 Wonders expansion Leaders.

7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon will be on store shelves in Q4 of the fiscal year.


The Oracle of Delphi

Are you ready to spend your allotted action points? Are you ready to use them to acquire victory points? If the answer is yes, you're probably ready for the next Stefan Feld game. Renowned master of the Victory Point Soup genre, Feld has previewed his latest work this year at Essen and the hype is already building. 

This time Feld has chosen a Greek mythologic theme for his engine. I'll admit his style of game doesn't always necessarily push all my buttons, but anything with this theme I'm willing to give a shot. And while I don't always enjoy points-soup, I'll credit Feld for being among the best to make those types of games.

The Oracle of Delphi is expected to release on November 16, 2016


Raise Your Goblets

Let's have a toast! Raise Your Goblets is a game where players attempt to poison the goblet of their target and force them to drink it, while not getting poisoned themselves. All goblets sit just at arm's reach, so players can't see the contents. Each turn goblets will be swapped, drinks will potentially be poisoned and then there will be a toast. 

The core gameplay is very similar to Masquerade, a chaotic affair of unpredictable moves that eventually leads to its forehead-smacking conclusion. Much like Masquerade, I'm certain the Raise Your Goblets experience will be enhanced in an actual drinking environment. 

Raise Your Goblets will hit party tables in Q4 2016.


Beer Empire

Within the last year or so, there's been a sudden influx of beer-related games on the market. Board & Dice are hoping to take the crown of definitive beer game with their newest Kickstarter campaign, Beer Empire. Craft your brews carefully as you work towards crowning yourself the champion. Players will collect ingredients to enhance their recipes for different types of ales and lagers. Showcase your wares at the Festival to gain acclaim. 

At $35, the price point feels just about right. So far none of the other beer-related offerings on the market have really stuck out for me. I'm hoping Beer Empire will finally be the game I've been waiting for. 

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page for Beer Empire. The game is expected to ship April 2017