Most Anticipated Games - March Edition March 02 2017

Each month at For The Win Board Game Cafe, we're going to be taking a look at a few future releases that we're really excited about. From new games, to expansions, to Kickstarters we'll be covering it all monthly.

The Hunt for the Ring

One of the more unique mechanics in board games is hidden movement. Gabrielle Mari has delivered solid games in the genre with Mister X and Letters from Whitechapel. So it's safe to say The Hunt for the Ring is in good, experienced hands. The Lord of the Rings theme fits hidden movement like a glove. One player plays as Frodo attempting to travel from the Shire to Rivendell, hoping to evade the other four players representing the forces of Nazgül. 

The game takes place over two separate chapters, played on two separate game boards. In the first chapter, Frodo and his team of hobbits move from the Shire to Bree, slowly accumulating corruption points. Afterwards, Frodo records his exit point and continues the game on the second board, sans hobbit friends. It's an inspired choice for a Lord of the Rings title, and hopefully shines some light on other successful hidden movement games. 

The Hunt for the Ring is coming summer 2017.


Disney Codenames 

Nothing screams "quick cash-in" like putting the Disney logo on anything. And yet, it's hard not to be excited about more Codenames. Given it's premise it's safe to assume this is only the beginning of what will likely be dozens of new Codenames games/expansions. 

There are 2 Disney-themed Codenames games on the horizon for 2017. The first is a Marvel focused game with cards based off of the Marvel universe (characters and locations). The second one is listed as Codenames Disney Family Edition, which will focus on both Disney and Pixar films. The best thing about these games is the cards will come double-sided with words on one side and pictures on the other. Meaning you'll essentially get both Codenames and Codenames Pictures merged into one. 

Both Disney Codenames games are scheduled for Q4 2017. 


DC Deck-Building Game: Confrontations

If you read our FTW Staff Picks, you already know that I've always been enamoured with Cryptozoic's DC-themed deck-builder. So I'm tentatively excited about their next game focused solely on the 2-Player side of things. Confrontations modelled after DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals Joker vs Batman. Instead of just 2 decks, here you'll get 8 different unique hero/villain decks. All of the cards are compatible with the standard game.

DC Deck-Building Game: Confrontations arrives in Q4 2017



I must admit, this is one of those games that suckered me in with its aesthetic and theme. But once I dug deep into reading playtester's impressions on the game, I began to glow with excitement. In Unfair, players are attempting to build their own successful theme park, while sabotaging the park's of others. Any game that let's me screw over my friends is a big plus. I'm disappointed I missed the Kickstarter for this one, because I have a feeling this one will be a hit.

As cool as Steam Park is, it doesn't quite fill that same Roller Coaster Tycoon vibe for me. Unfair definitely looks more like a multiplayer-version of the popular computer game. With tons of blueprints and different themes for each set of attractions, it looks like a game with a lot of diversity. It also leaves itself open for more additional theme packs for additional rides. 

Unfair is scheduled for Q2 2017


Empires of the Void II

It feels like clockwork. Another Most Anticipated Games, another Ryan Laukat title to anticipate. It's hard not to get excited when Laukat is at the helm. The word auteur gets thrown around a lot in the film industry. And if there were ever a designer that could fill that illustrious title it would definitely be Ryan Laukat. When you play a game of his you know definitively that it's his game. Being able to maintain a strong style, through unrelated and very different games, is a testament to Ryan's creative vision.

Empires of the Void II is a sequel to Ryan's first ever published game. He's spent the last few years creating games of the fantasy variety, so it's a bit of a departure to see him tackle the great dark void. Empires builds on the strong narrative aspect of Ryan's games. It's yet another Euro-style game, but early impressions suggest a sandbox of options to create numerous paths to victory.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page. Empires of the Void II is tentatively expected in December 2017.