The True Meaning of International TableTop Day April 09 2015

'Twas a few days before International TableTop Day, dreams of games and of people, playing with one another, with cubes and with meeples.

Sorry, wrong holiday.

International TableTop Day is a worldwide annual event started by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day just three years ago. It was founded to encourage people to come together and celebrate not just a love of board games, but a love of interaction and bonding.  Gaming allows people of all ages to build empires, explore the vast cosmos, smash moustaches and genuinely spend meaningful face time together (and I don't mean Apple's FaceTime). Together with Geek & Sundry, Wil & Felicia created a very popular web series called TableTop which brings celebrities and online personalities together to play popular board games.  

It's quickly become the method through which many gamers nowadays find out about new games.  It's intended to bring the culture to people outside of a "geek" label.  Any time a game has been featured on TableTop, it tends to quickly find itself out of stock - now known as the Wil Wheaton Effect.

This is our first year as a board games cafe and this will be our first TableTop day.  We have some cool things planned for the day, and you can join us by grabbing a free ticket from our EventBrite page.  With a ticket you can game for the very low price of $0.  The event runs from 11AM to 6PM.  But the festivities will continue throughout the night.  There will be promos and giveaways.  

Every game purchase gives you access to your choice of a free game promo.  Things like Dixit card packs, Fluxx Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day cards, Sheriff of Nottingham contraband cards and much more.  Limited quantities of all promos, and it will be first come, first serve - so be early if you really want one!

We will also have contests for the giveaway of full board games.  The contest will run all day and to enter you simply need to:

  1. Play a game at For The Win Cafe.
  2. Take a photo at our *TOP SECRET* photo booth.
  3. Tweet or Share the photo, tagging @forthewincafe @wilwheaton and #tabletopday

At the end of the day, we'll go through all the tweets and posts and randomly select 5 winners. First name to be drawn will have first pick of 5 Exclusive TableTop Edition Grand Prizes:

Dead of Winter, Geek Out, Council of Verona, Dead Man's Draw, Reverse Charades

Hope you guys are as excited as we are.  Whether it's your 3rd TableTop day or your 1st (even better, it's our 1st too!) come for an hour, come for 30 minutes, come for 5 hours, it doesn't matter. Just drop by and get your game on! International TableTop day takes place this Saturday, April 11th.  See you soon!