Most Anticipated Games - July 2017 Edition July 05 2017

Each month at For The Win Board Game Cafe, we're going to be taking a look at a few future releases that we're really excited about. From new games, to expansions, to Kickstarters we'll be covering it all monthly.

Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate

One of my favourite games is adding themselves to the list of games that are receiving a new expansion, years after its initial release. We've seen it with Betrayal at House on the Hill and Jamaica, and now the cult-classic, Cutthroat Caverns is getting a fresh new expansion 10 years past its first launch. Death Incarnate will be the fifth expansion in the Cutthroat Caverns series. 

Delivering 15 new Encounters, 30 new Events and 29 new Relics, there's finally a reason to pull out your copy of Cutthroat Caverns once again. The new Encounter cards are even treated to a modernized refresh, looking better than ever. 

Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate is expected in stores August 2017.


That's A Question

Vlaada Chavtil is still reaping the benefits of creating the #1 party game in the world in Codenames. But he isn't letting the success get to his head. He's already working on his next project, which is also of the party genre. In a recent interview Chavtil mentioned that he wanted to focus on shorter games with quicker iterations and development, as he is now starting a family. If That's A Question (working title) is even a fraction as popular and good as Codenames, we'll be in for a treat.

In That's A Question, players will attempt to formulate questions with difficult decisions for the one being asked. Like in many party games, scoring is done by player's voting on what option they believe the Questioned will select. The Questioner receives points for every player who guessed incorrectly. Everyone else receives points for guessing correctly. 

That's A Question is scheduled for October 2017


Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

Just last month we highlighted Dragonfire, an action card game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Well, the D&D train does not stop there. Just recently announced, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is a re-theme of the very popular Betrayal at House on the Hill. With what we've seen of it thus far, it looks very much like the Betrayal that we know and love - so fans of the series will likely be treated to more goodness. 

I'm sure there's enough in Betrayal at Baldur's Gate for all gamers alike. The D&D flavour is nice for those who love that universe, but this one looks like a hit for all board game fanatics. With 50 scenarios out of the box, there'll be no shortage of variety. And if there's a big enough fanbase (which I'm sure there will be), we'll see plenty of fanmade scenarios along the way as we did with the original.

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate will be available in October 2017


A Game of Thrones: Catan - Brotherhood of the Watch

I'm having a dilemma. CATAN is not exactly in my list of favourite games, or even, fun games to play. However, I am typically willing to play anything with a Game of Thrones theme. So naturally the marriage of these two things causes a bit of conflict from within. A Game of Thrones: Catan - Brotherhood of the Watch (whew, that's a long title), looks to be a bit more than just a re-theme. Instead there's a few additional gameplay elements that should make this one worth trying. 

Players will be able to acquire different Characters from the popular series, granting them special powers (think Star Trek Catan). There's also the looming threat of Wildling Invasions. Player's must recruit forces to protect themselves from potential pillaging. The Wildling threat is powerful enough to potentially force the game into an alternate conclusion, awarding the player who commands the most guards as the winner of the game.

A Game of Thrones: Catan - Brotherhood of the Watch arrives sometime in Q4 2017.


Action News: The Game of Television News

Fans of Anchorman rejoice! Finally there is a game that allows you to tap into your inner Ron Burgundy, or for some of us perhaps more like Brick Tamland. Action News: The Game of Television News is a party game currently launched on Kickstarter. Player's will have to construct news stories using a select hand of cards, trying their best to make sense of it all. They describe it as akin to "refrigerator magnet poetry". 

The few examples they provide on their Kickstarter page were enough for me to consider this one an amazing project worth backing. It's got a unique theme, with a lot of room for creative hilarity. If you enjoy games like Snake Oil and Funemployed, this one is sure to be right up your alley. 

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page. Action News: The Game of Television News is expected in January 2018.