FTW Staff Picks - That's A Question!

Genre: Party

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil

Player Size: 3 to 6 Players

Game Length: 30 minutes

For fans of: Would You Rather?, Dixit, Moral Dilemma

For one of the most uninspired names in the tabletop universe, That's A Question! is one of the more interesting titles presented by Vlaada Chvatil. It's a combination of many popular party games, but at the end of the day it's more of a discussion than an actual game. It's great for getting to know people, and creating a conversation about everyday things in life. 


In That's A Question!, players challenge each other by asking difficult questions and offering two choices. The Asked player will select one of the two choices and everyone but the Asker will attempt to guess which choice they selected. Any player who guesses correctly will move one space on the board. The Asker will move spaces equal to the number of players who guessed incorrectly. The 3 different types of questions a player may ask are: "Which of these would you choose?", "Which would you miss more if it ceased to exist?", and "Whom do you consider worse?". Each player is also given two Kicker tokens they can wager if they are confident in the result. One Kicker is a 3X multiplier which will move you three times the amount of spaces you normally would, for the round. And the other Kicker is a Tough Question Kicker, which let's you move one space for each incorrect guess. 

When it comes to strategy, there isn't really much to it other than trying to ask intentionally difficult-to-answer questions. The game has a different dynamic with every group you play with, whether they're friends or strangers. There is an Acorn system in the game which is designed to prevent one player from being asked multiple, consecutive times. It doesn't really come into play but it's a thoughtful mechanic. The art and components of the game are surprisingly charming for a game that really needs no theme. The little squirrel meeples remind me of Dixit's bunnies. Overall, you feel like you get your money's worth because of the effort that was put into each detail of the game.


While it's difficult to judge That's A Question! on a similar metric as most games, I look to compare it to other "conversation" games such as Anomia, Buffalo and Moral Dilemma. The games are designed to get people talking and debating. Having recently played the game with a handful of strangers and one close friend, I felt like it really brought the night together. It's an excellent passive-type game that can kind of sit in the background, over drinks and chit-chat. If you've got any cottage plans this summer, That's A Question would make for great bonfire banter.

Earl Oliveros