Whole Lotta Stuffin'

‘Tis the season for finding gifts under $30. Whether your office is hosting a gift exchange, or you just need some last-minute fillers - we’ve got you covered. Just because a game comes in a small box with an affordable price tag doesn’t mean it’s a novelty. Nowadays some of our favourite games come in tiny packages. There’s something for every age range. And the best part about games as gifts at parties is you can play them right after opening.


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

If you’ve ever attended a Christmas work party or even just had a large group of friends over, you know just how rowdy it can get. A little bit of eggnog and mulled wine can turn any get-together into a rambunctious function. If you’re looking to keep spirits high and laughter loud, you should look at games like The Voting Game, Pick Your Poison and Hot Seat. All three games are sure to get people up and talking. It’s especially fun for breaking the ice if you notice a few mice among the party.

And of course last years’ best selling holiday game, Exploding Kittens is always an inspired choice. But this year try something new with Unstable Unicorns. “Adjective” “Animal Noun” games have really blown up since Exploding Kittens arrived and if you thought that game had fun illustrations, you’ll really love Unstable Unicorns.

Business & Pleasure

Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you can’t get a little serious. If you’re looking for some good stocking stuffers for the more competitive spirits, look no further than Saboteur, Dutch Blitz, Sushi Go! and Gloom. If you wanna give a gift that keeps giving, it’s always nice to choose games that can be played over and over again without feeling repetitive.

And for any Scrooges who may give you a hard time for anything that isn’t a classic title, show them the true meaning of Christmas with Monopoly Deal. It’s all the things you love about Monopoly, without all the things you hate about it. DISCLAIMER: there will still likely be family quarrels involved.


The Greatest Gift of All

And if all else fails, give the greatest gift that any person of any age can ever receive: a For The Win gift card! The card works towards anything at the cafe, from retail to food and drinks. It even works as a Rewards card for our newly revamped TapMango rewards program. Spend your points to get free drinks or save them up to get free FTW merch including t-shirts and tote bags! If you want the best bang for your buck, look no further than the greatest stocking stuffer this holiday season!

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