FTW Staff Picks - Rhino Hero

For The Win Board Game Cafe's Staff Picks is a weekly series where we take a quick look at some of the staff's favourite games, old and new. 

Rhino Hero

Genre: Dexterity

Designer: Scott Frisco & Steven Strumpf

Player Size: 2 to 5 Players

Game Length: 10 minutes

For fans of: Jenga, Riff-Raff, Animal Upon Animal

Today we're looking at a very quick, small game jam-packed with a lot of laughs. Rhino Hero is a balancing, dexterity game where players collaboratively build a tall building for the heroic Super Rhino to leap in a single bound! The goal is to have the least amount of roof cards in hand, when the game ends after the tower falls or to get rid of all their roof cards first.

Let's face it, it's 2016 and if you're still playing Jenga you're missing out on some phenomenal alternatives. At the cafe, we have plenty of balancing games that get played frequently like Bandu, Hamsterolle, Animal Upon Animal, Bamboleo, Riff-Raff, Lift It! and the list goes on. But none have really garnered the same level of love as Rhino Hero. With its cute art style, and playful rhino figure, the game gives a theme to its balancing act - not something many dexterity games bother to do. 

The best part, is you can play it with your little ones as an exercise in concentration, coordination, and patience. Kids as young as three should have no problem picking up the basic concepts. It's a lot of fun just trying to see how high they can build the tower up. Our resident kid Guru, Aidan (3 years old) loves Rhino Hero and chances are he'll beat you at it too.

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