FTW Staff Picks - Ca$h 'n Gun$

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Ca$h 'n Gun$

Genre: Party

Designer: Ludovic Maublanc

Player Size: 4 to 8 Players

Game Length: 30 minutes

For fans of: I'm The Boss, Dead Last, Mafia

Heist movies are a staple of Hollywood. Whether its the non-stop action of Ocean's Eleven or even just the opening sequence of The Dark Knight, there's something exhilarating about seeing a heist go down. Ca$h 'n Guns brings the heat (pun intended) to the tabletop world. And they don't play around, as the crux of the game involves players holding up foam guns and threatening their heist partners. It's all fun and games until someone eats a Bang!

In Ca$h 'n Guns, players play as bank robbers attempting a heist. Over the course of 8 rounds, players look to maximize their Loot by bluffing their opponents to bail out or risk getting shot. To begin each round, a set of 8 Loot cards are revealed. Players will then select one of their 8 cards (3 Bang! and 5 Click) and place it facedown in front of them. At the count of 3, players will then point their gun at one player they threaten to shoot for the round. Once all the targets have been established, players will simultaneously choose to either stay in the round or back out. Any players still remaining the round who have guns pointed at them will then check to see if they get shot by a Bang! card. Only the players who stayed in and did NOT get shot are eligible to split the Loot. If any player takes 3 Wounds from getting shot, they are automatically eliminated from the game. The surviving player with the most valuable loot at the end of 8 rounds is declared the winner!

The original iteration of this game was a simple game of bluffing and deduction. But the most recent version has added a few more mechanics to round-out the experience. Each round one player acts as a Godfather who may force another player to switch targets. Additionally, there are different Characters who have their own unique abilities. Overall the new mechanics help to keep the game fresh over multiple plays. But honestly, the biggest draw to Ca$h 'n Guns has always been the foam guns. Seeing people play the game, you can't help but ask what the commotion is about. 

Ca$h 'n Guns makes for a great table-talk game. It's hard to feel like just a spectator when the action is so direct. People you may consider passive as gamers, may suddenly become boisterous and involved. The foam guns create a level of immersion that is thematic and still playful. It's hard not to get nostalgic over days of playing Cops & Robbers as a child. 

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