Summertime, & the gaming is breezy

Do you feel that? It's finally summer. The short few months of the year where everything in the world feels right. Students are free to roam around wildly with no curfews or responsibilities. Parents have the unenviable task of keeping their kids entertained through camps or other such things. And even as you soak up all the sun your body can handle, there's more than enough time for a quick game or two. Throughout the next few months you'll likely find yourself having picnics at the park, visiting amusement parks and taking in all the sights that city patios have to offer. 

Tablecloth for Two

Mother nature and tabletop gaming don't always see eye-to-eye. A strong breeze can swiftly put an end to any card-heavy game. Similarly, you wouldn't wanna be playing setting up and playing a game that takes up a lot of real estate. The park is not an appropriate place for a rousing game of Twilight Imperium. Even something like Risk would be a pain. Ideally, you want to bring out games that are weather-resistant and can be played even on uneven surfaces. Hive is always a great choice, and there's something so fitting about playing the game on the grass, while enjoying a picnic or barbecue.  

Thrill Rides & Kill Spies

An amusement park is probably the last place you would consider as tabletop appropriate, and you'd be right for the most part. I always bring comfy sneakers, because I know I'll be on my feet the whole day. So with all the rides and carnival games, where and how are you gonna find time to squeeze in a tabletop game? Well, almost 67% of the time spent at an amusement park is waiting in long lines (completely made up percentage by myself). Our favourite game to play in lineups is Spyfall. You don't need a table, and once the cards are dealt out you can just keep it in your pocket as you play. Before you start, just text everyone a list of the locations and you're good to go. Knock out a handful of rounds, and you'll be at the front of that line in no time.

A Brew & A Breeze

To some, this season of the year is known as the "summer season". To my friends and I, this season of the year is known as "patio season". One of the best ways to wind down at the end of a hot summer day, is on a patio with some cool drinks. Before I go into the next part of this section, I want to give full disclaimer that Skull (or Skull & Roses if ya nasty), is an amazing game that you should buy and own to support the designers. With that out of the way, Skull is also one of the easiest games to replicate at any bar without needing to actually bring your copy around. A stack of coasters and something to mark them with, will have you up and running in no time. It completely solves the problem of needing to carry something around with you. Stay hydrated, and stay entertained.

Keep it Wavy, Baby

Toronto is a world-class metropolis and while it's known as cold and frigid to most outsiders - it actually has amazing things to offer in the summertime. Great food festivals, organic marketplaces, live outdoor music and a very lively harbourfront. Being by the lake opens us up to some fun watery endeavours. And the islands add so much, with a huge variety of things to do. If you're feeling thematic, you can bring out Get Bit! and play out your Jaws fantasies - no bloodshed required. 

No matter where you are, or what you have planned - we hope you have a wonderful and eventful summer! We've got something special for you coming soon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @forthewincafe to stay updated with what we've got going on. Happy long weekend!

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