The Upside Down

Halloween is indisputably the most exciting holiday of the year. I simply won't accept any other answer. I love seeing all the amazing costume ideas people come up with. It's also only time I will accept creepy clowns standing in the middle of a dark alley in the twilight hours (please stop this everyday madness). Halloween is full of tricks and treats, spooks and laughs & Cthulhus and werewolves. Commonly, people throw movie parties gathering up the all the thrillers and horrors they can think up. But if you're planning on adding a bit of gaming to your night of frights, there's no shortage of selection. 

So you've just finished the first flick of your Halloween movie marathon, Shaun of the Dead, and you're in the mood for some light-hearted zombie smashing. Look no further than Zombicide. A brain-bashing, chainsaw-ripping, molotov-throwing ceremony of pure zombie exodus. Or perhaps your appetite prefers the taste of brains? Well Zombie Dice is a great choice for dice-rolling aficionados, who wish to live out their zombie fantasies.

Next, your group decides to put on a Canadian classic - Ginger Snaps. And make no mistake, werewolves and board games go hand-in-hand. Werewolf has slowly surged back into gaming circles in recent years (thanks Twitch). And what better time to worship the full-moon than Hallow's Eve? And for those looking for a quicker experience, the One Night Ultimate Werewolf games pack a lot of punch in short bursts. 


And to close the night, we bring out the unexplained, ethereal and paranormal. When we talk about scary movies, nothing gives me the chills quite like the unknown. Whether you go for a classic like Poltergeist, or something more modern like It Follows, you're sure to incite horror and screams from your unsuspecting guests. In hopes to get some sleep for the night, maybe you pull out Ghost Blitz to reinstate laughter into your frightened, and now dreadful lives. Or perhaps something like Ghost Stories or Mysterium will help unite your group, because fear is always best handled together.

Or maybe movies aren't your thing and instead you decide to marathon the entire first season of Stranger Things. Can't say I blame you - I would love to relive the whole thing myself. It's true bliss. If you're one of the many people who have fallen in love with Netflix's latest smash hit, we have something special for you waiting at the cafe. Big shoutouts to our friend Brendan Fox for spearheading the project. Drop by and see it for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Happy Halloween!

Earl OliverosComment