Make Love, Not War Games

Valentine's Day is coming up and what better way to spend time with the one you love (or hope to love) than with a game? After all, "love is a game two can play and both win". In other words, it's a cooperative game that plays for 2 with a game length approximately between 1 hour and a lifetime, for all ages.


The most common type of customer at a board game cafe is a couple, looking for two-player games. Gaming is a reliable dating activity for two, especially for two on a first date or meeting for the first time. It eliminates most awkward silences that plague many first dates and provides a common platform for both parties to focus on, while being able to make small talk along the way. For first dates, I like to recommend games that allow for space to talk but create interactivity. Riff-Raff is my favourite Jenga alternative. A rocking boat voyaging through romance, attempting to hold balance. But my favourite first date game is still Ghost Blitz. It breaks the ice quickly, provides incidental hand-contact and brings a bit of feisty competition. And isn't that what love is all about?

For something more relaxing, travel Japan's east sea road from Edo to Kyoto in Tokaido. It's the closest thing to taking a vacation that you'll find in board games. And if you're looking for something to spark the fireworks, look no further than HanabiIt's a fully cooperative experience that relies on the players being able to read into the subtlety of clues being given. Perfect for testing compatibility, oh and reading hidden signals.


But for thrill-seeking lovers, perhaps a date in a crumbling temple is more appropriate. Escape: The Curse of the Temple finds you working together rolling dice, activating gems in an attempt to escape. All of this in real-time, with an ominous soundtrack - it gets the blood flowing for sure.

And sometimes, you just want to play a classic game of Carcassone with your best friend and partner-in-life. It's not always about the type or theme of the game you're playing. It's about who you're playing it with and what the game means to you. 


There's a game out there for all types of lovers (and potential lovers).  Games, like love, come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding one that fits you is a search that could take a lifetime. But when you find the one for you, nothing makes you feel better.

Come spend your Valentine's Day with us at For The Win Cafe.  We'll be playing a special playlist for the day.  Go through the decades of romance with The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Elton John, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, R. Kelly, Whitney Houston and so much more. Nothing accompanies an evening of romance like the perfect soundtrack of love.  

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